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So beautiful and evocative of our deepest longing for beauty. Thank you.
Kathy Hix(non-registered)
Just found this website! Beautiful, really impressive stuff.
Pat Templin(non-registered)
Beautiful work! I didn't realize you were doing photograpy - I guess I've been sort of out of touch! Thanks for pointing out your website - It's going into my favorites.
Hi Steve,

I LOVE your work and so glad you are doing something to feed your soul and keep you next to the bugs. What a great website and expression of you.
There has never been, and never will be, anyone who sees, thinks, or
responds exactly the way you do. Whether you’re revolutionizing physics
or making a quilt, you must display your differences to make a difference.
Chris LaPolla(non-registered)
I really like the website, I think you did a great job.
It makes me want to give mine a makeover.
Tori and I spent some quality time looking and choosing some
pictures and I can honestly say that It was very difficult because of
the high quality of your work. We did choose a couple because we
couldn't just pick one. Nice!
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